Augmented Reality Demo

Augmented Reality Demo


I made this project after watching the HoloLens announcement.

I used Unity and the then Beta version of Vuforia.

I don't have a lot of information to say about this project. It was just a fun little experiment with building an AR app. It is also the first video I ever uploaded to YouTube.

One item of note is the phone I used for the AR demo, the Sharp Aquos Crystal. It has incredibly small bezels for the time and even now, besides the giant chin. It was well before the 2017 bezel-less craze. I think it made a great demo phone for AR as it removed the space between real life and the AR world.

The planet used in this demo inspired my next 2015 project, Planet Explor.

Since then I have made a few AR apps, but none of which I have saved/uploaded in any form.

The original description was "This is a demonstration of my augmented reality project. It was inspired by Microsoft HoloLens. I am going to continue updating it until it's to a state I like. It looks amazing in person."

Jacob Bashista