Battlebot Restoration

Battlebot Restoration


I was helping clean out the storage of a vocational school and found this battlebot sitting in a crate. Once I knew I was able to take it, I put my tag on it to take it home, drove back to my house, got our pickup, and then drove back to grab it.

It was build in the late 90s/early 2000s so the hardware inside is not very usable, but the motors and metal frame are still there. The electronics use an old proprietary control system from FIRST FRC so it won't be usable. I plan to rebuild it over the summer, but as of now I don't have time.

Its attacking power comes from this mace than swings with a large geared motor. The spike on the end were originally missing, but I found them a few days later in another box. Overall I hope it will be a cool restoration, and I might even be able to compete with it.

The original description was "I recently found an old battlebot and I am planning on restoring it to its original working functionality. I will be uploading build logs as I make progress in restoring Nemes/Nemesis."

Jacob Bashista