Chicken Tooth

Chicken Tooth


The video and photo content this app provides belongs solely to Rooster Teeth and its affiliated members. The purpose of this app is to allow for the viewing of Rooster Teeth content on an iPad. This app does not aim to compete with any Rooster Teeth products and requires all users to be a FIRST member of Rooster Teeth. If there are any questions or concerns you can contact me at


Why FIRST only?

Chicken Tooth is designed to improve the Rooster Teeth iPad experience and I do not wish to take revenue from Rooster Teeth. I cannot serve their ads, so I require every user of Chicken Tooth to have a paying FIRST membership.

How do I request a feature?

You can join our discord here. This is where all news and updates are posted and requests/bugs are processed. If you submit them any other way I cannot guarantee support. DO NOT contact Rooster Teeth with bugs/requests, this app is maintained solely by myself.

Its been a while since I last got an update for the app.

There is only one developer of Chicken Tooth, and I am not looking to take on any new developers. I also work part time and am a full time college student. This puts strain on my schedule. My goal is to keep up to date with new features when possible.


Jacob Bashista