Deal with the Devil

Deal with the Devil


Deal with the Devil was my first gameboy game. I created it in a total of about 5 hours across 3 days. Wanted to have more time but ran into a big project for work. First time writing with C and first time making something for the gameboy. I think it went well but had to greatly reduce the game of it to finish in time.

How to play:

In the top left is the amount of souls you have. If you run out you lose, if you have 100 you win. I wanted to start with 0 but didn't have time to add the logic to not instantly lose.

In the top right is an indicator of whether your card needs to be higher or lower than the devils. H means you need a higher card, L means you need a lower card.

In the center you have your hand. These three cards are what you can choose from to bet against the devil. You select them with the D-Pad. Left - Left Card, Up - Middle Card, Right - Right Card.

There are 11 cards in the game with this order: A < 2 < 3 < 4 < 5 < 6 < 7 < 8 < 9 < Jack < King.

There isn't much of a game but it was a good experience learning about memory management and reusing of sprites. This game is unlike anything I have ever programmed before.

Thanks to Nick for the Art. If only I had time for sound.

You can find the rom download on

Source Code can be found on Github

Jacob Bashista