First HAB Launch

Making Aug 21, 2016


This was my first launch with goMake using a very simple test application I created to track their balloons. I would go onto develop a full app with a full chat and map tracking abilities.

The original description was "A time-lapse of the 40 minute setup of goMake-1. This balloon was in the air for about 2hrs and 50minutes. Our GPS on the balloon, both primary and backup, failed, so we had to drive to the estimated drop point and look up. We saw it hit the ground and spent 3 hours walking in the woods searching for it. We called it when it was getting late. At around 12:30am the backup radio started working again and in the morning goMake drove out to go pick it up. it was a great first launch!"


Jacob Bashista

Jacob Bashista is a driven technical problem solver who works collaboratively with professionals creating classes and simulations focuses on AI, Mobile, and VR experiences.

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