FTC Scout

FTC Scout


This app was developed in 2014 using AI2 to allow FTC teams to share scouting data in one global database.

In FTC a crucial part of each competition was collecting scouting data. This data helped you determine what your allies and opponents could do. Often teams would collect this information on pen and paper, sorting it back at their pit. My goal with FTC Scout was to allow teams to focus less on the yes and no side of scouting and more on the strategy and planning side. If one team used the app, filling out their own, or other teams' information, then every team using the app would have access to the data.

This was the first app I ever published an android app and also was my most successful (of 3). I have since taken down the app as its content is not relevant to current FTC competitions and I haven't felt like updating it. This apps code was also in my lost AI2 account I mentioned in MarkBot, but the tutorial I used for the original app can be found here. I modified it to match my needs.

This app was also the first time I had ever worked with PHP and I still avoid it to this day. Maybe if I sat down and properly learned it I might find some use, but I prefer Google Cloud Functions now.

At its peak this app had over 5000 installs and 900 teams registered. It was great watching it grow. I would see one team discover it and start filling in their competition information. I could watch this spread by location, such as in Michigan where FIRST is extremely popular.

At the end of its life it had 4.4 Stars and according to the Google Play Console it is still installed on 2 active devices. It won our team two awards at competitions for the connections it built between teams.

You can download the APK file for the app here, but the database that runs it is long dead.

The original description was:

"This app has won two Awards:

NC East Regional Connect Award

NC State Judges Award

This app allows you to submit your teams scouting info and view other teams. This app allows you to start developing your game plan with people instantly. You just search for their team name/number and you instantly know what they can do. Start planning instantly. If you need to update your info you just submit a new team and our admins will remove your old one."

Jacob Bashista