Hexbug RC Car

Making Aug 30, 2011


While this car was limited in its capabilities, mainly it could only go forward and backwards, it is the earliest maker project I have record of. It was later rebuilt at my grandmother’s house to use a propeller to move at a much faster rate on a matchbox car style body. Unfortunately, there is no record of this.

I have spent awhile trying to find the exact hex bug I used, and it doesn’t seem to exist. It had two legs, one on each side and could work its way around using a remote control.

The original caption was “How to build a remote-control car: rip apart a hex bug and legos here and there and tada!!!!!!! you have to figure out the rest”


Jacob Bashista

Jacob Bashista is a driven technical problem solver who works collaboratively with professionals creating classes and simulations focuses on AI, Mobile, and VR experiences.

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