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I created Markbot in 2014 as my friend Mark was leaving for college.


Nearly every month we would either play board games or have movie marathons. This was going to be an issue when he left for college.

The core mechanics of Markbot were built from and NXT LEGO set. The base was a modified rubics cube solver I had built previously that month. This is the solver I built: Mindcubr.

On the software side I had a skype call running on my iPhone 5, though I am not sure how I recorded this video as it was the only camera I owned. The NXT robot was being remotely controlled by an app I wrote with AI2. Unfortunately, I do not have the account I used to create this app anymore and cannot recover the code. The android tablet I was using, an original Nexus 7, was remotely controlled through my computer. On my computer I was running TeamViewer, which allowed Mark to remotely control my computer, and by proxy the tablet.

This entire system worked pretty smoothly, and I was happy with the results. Looking back on it now I know how complicated I made everything and if I rebuilt it today, which I am considering as a future project, I would make the entire system much simpler and remove the computer from the equation entirely. Opting for peer-to-peer control of the robot.

The original caption was "Markbot!!!!!!"