In late 2016 Mojang announced that the bedrock edition of Minecraft would be supporting mods through an add-on system. These Add-Ons were created with JSON and could modify the way Minecraft worked. I was constantly asked to create a tutorial in Minecraft modding and this seemed like a great way to do it.

I created a website in which anyone could make Minecraft add-ons using a Blockly based programming enviroment. To send the mod to someones device we generated QR codes with a link to the mod, and when opened it would install it to your Minecraft game. This system worked great and we even taught a class on it.

But Minecraft kept updating the add-ons, almost 1 update a week, and I just couldn't keep up with the new features and mobs they were adding. They have since leveled out, and even introduced JavaScript based scripting for the mods, so it is a goal of mine to have MinelyMod running again, modeled after Scratch 3.

The website has since been shutdown, and just redirects back to this post, but one day it will return. MinelyMod

Jacob Bashista