Simple Game

Simple Game


This was the first game I ever made, it was the first time I ever shared a project I made with someone, and it was the first time I used a development environment that wasn't notepad .bat files.

I made Simple Game (it's actual title) using Construct 2 on the car ride home from somewhere. Simple game consisted of a single green cube with eyes and a mouth made from rectangles that could hop around the screen using some button prompts on the bottom of the screen. There was a floor and some walls to keep the player from leaving the screen, but that was it.

I use Simple Game as my hello world for every new game engine I learn. I used it for Unity, Love2D, SpriteKit, and several others. This game holds a special place in my heart. I even recreated it a few years later with two players and socket based multiplayer when I was learning how to use sockets.

Unfortunately, beyond this web page there is no record the original game exists. I made it with my original laptop, which I received Christmas 2012 with a copy of SimCity Societies and Civilization IV. I sold this laptop a few years later and wiped the hard drive with it. That laptop and this game mark the start of my love for programming and games.

Jacob Bashista