App Aug 1, 2019


This project will provide co-robotics workshops run by Holyoke Codes at Girls Inc. and Boys and Girls Club of Holyoke.

StreamLink provides video and audio streaming, as well as other data types, between devices across networks. StreamLink provides blocks to easily create apps such as video calling, chat applications, home security systems, and remote control devices. Devices just need a shared LinkCode and an optional password.

StreamLink works directly with the camera input from a device and provides a video source for the App Inventor video player, allowing for easy integration with existing App Inventor components. StreamLink is not just limited to audio/video transmission, but supports other common App Inventor data types, including Logic, Text, and Math blocks. An additional method of sending any object is provided, but should be used with an understanding of what is being sent in a message.

StreamLink provides code blocks that add the ability to create an encrypted connection between authenticated devices through a server. Built on and NodeJS, the server is open source and can be deployed and customized as desired.

Extension Source

Server Source


Jacob Bashista

Jacob Bashista is a driven technical problem solver who works collaboratively with professionals creating classes and simulations focuses on AI, Mobile, and VR experiences.

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