The Tranquility

The Tranquility


This game was created to run on an original Gameboy.

You are a astronaut on a sentient space ship trying to keep it alive as various problems occur. Find the right item and bring it to the right person to keep the ship running. You can only hold one item at a time.

I am not good at music or audio, I usually have a friend help me, and its even harder to make sound for a Gameboy, so just hum your favorite tune while you play ;)

Unlike my last gameboy game Deal with the Devil this was created using GB Studio. GB Studio offers a lot of great features and lets smaller scale RPG games be made easily, but it lacks the power and abilities offered by programming in C or ASM.

This is also the first time I have ever made pixel art and it was really fun. I plan on making more Gameboy games for future LD Jams and also plan on releasing a tutorial series on how people can make their own. Perhaps my next game will run on a Gameboy Color!

You can find the online emulator and rom download on

Source Code can be found on Github

Jacob Bashista